Unofficial Spotify Playlist: Lucio (Overwatch)

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. If you are like me, at the start of the new year you start to think about getting healthy. I recently joined a gym and wanted to come up with some playlists for my workout. Since I play Overwatch a lot, I wanted to make playlists for each of the characters in the game. Today, I am focusing on Lucio. In the game, Lucio is from Brazil and is an international DJ celebrity who inspires social change through his music and actions. Lucio is known as the “audio medic” in the game because he can heal allies with soundwaves. Since he is from Brazil, I tried adding Brazilian music to the playlist along with popular dance songs. 

You can list to the playlist below or via this link.



If you have any suggestions for songs to add to Lucio’s playlist, please let me know in the comments below. I plan on creating a playlist of each character on Overwatch, so please be sure to follow me on social media for when I release those playlists as well!

One thought on “Unofficial Spotify Playlist: Lucio (Overwatch)

  1. I haven’t played Overwatch but I love your idea to make Spotify lists for the characters!

    I would totally add:
    The Bongo Song by Safri Duo
    Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Telo
    Batucado Dance
    Mas Que Nada – Masters at Work Remix
    Magalenha – Carlinhos Brown version (this is my fave right now – good song for pushing barriers I used to Zumba to this)

    Thanks for making this post, I’m now inspired to make up a playlist for my first gym visit! Eek!

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