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A few weeks ago I found the Goodwill Outlet on┬áMidlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield, Virginia. It is unlike any other Goodwill I’ve ever been to. This one behind a large employment center. You might actually miss it since you have to turn down the side road to get to the back. It is set up in a large warehouse. Clothes is in one area in large bins, housewares is set up on tables with small bins to go through and electronics is in the back.


This place is the definition of a treasure hunt. You have to take the time to look through bins and bins of items to find the pieces that catch your eye. I managed that day to get quite a few items to refurbish. I will be highlighting one of them in this post.




In one of the bins, I found a cute wooden recipe stand. Sadly I didn’t take a before photo. When I finish saw it, it didn’t have the white paint and the notecards were brown. The whole thing was just brown and aged. I decided to start with some gesso and prime the wood for paint. I went with white to give it a clean look.



recipe stand banner copy


With the notecards, I took pages from my watercolor sketch pad. The pages are thicker than my other sketch pads. I used the old note cards that it came with as a guide. Since the metal hooks done open, I not only used a hole puncher on the new notecards, I also cut open to the sides so that the cards could just slide in.

I plan to spray an acrylic sealer on it and place it in my etsy shop. I’ll post more of my thrift shop finds on here.



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