Suicide Squad Review: Does It Deserve the Hate?


Suicide Squad Review

Does It Deserve the Hate?


Last night I was lucky enough to win sneak preview passes for Suicide Squad. I have to say I’ve been looking forward to this film all summer and have been watching every trailer and clip I could find for this movie (which was probably my downfall…more on that later). The trailers REALLY sold me with this film. It was dark & stylized with a dash of funny quotes mixed in and it had freakin Queen songs! Plus having the story be centered around a group of villains was something I was interested in. This movie is also Harley Quinn’s first live action movie appearance. My hype level was pretty high before entering the film. Though yesterday afternoon was a hit in the gut. Yesterday (August 2nd), the press embargo was lifted and all of the movie critics posted their reviews for Suicide Squad…and it wasn’t good. I became worried because I’m usually on the same wavelength as critics. I agreed with their thoughts on Batman vs Superman. So I was worried that I wasn’t going to like Suicide Squad, but I tried to enter the movie theater with a clear mind. 


So does Suicide Squad deserve the hate train?  Short answer is ….No. Is it a perfect movie….No.

Main Characters


Even though this is an ensemble cast, there were two characters that REALLY stood out from the rest; Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). I knew the moment I saw Will Smith’s name on the cast list that he would pretty much be the main character of the film. I don’t know too much about Deadshot in the comics to compare. I thought Will Smith’s version was a great blend of humor with a touching backstory about his daughter. Will Smith definitely had some of the funniest one liners in the film. 


Margot Robbie IS Haryley Quinn. Margot Robbie did an outstanding job as Harley Quinn. I feel like I would like to see a Haryley Quinn stand-alone movie. Her flashbacks in Suicide Squad just wasn’t enough for me; they were pretty much just flashes telling her story. Her transformation scene with the Joker (Jared Leto) was interesting. It reminded me almost like a wedding expect she was the only one saying vows. The relationship of Joker and Harley in Suicide Squad is so strange and unhealthy, but I want to see more of it. People that say they want a love like Harley and Joker…I honestly question them. The two characters are already insane and when you add them together you are just adding fuel to the fire. Though I do have to say this version of Joker seems to care more about Harley than I remember in the comics. Harley is obsess with Joker no matter the medium. 



Speaking of Joker…he gets his own section. When I first saw the images of Leto as Joker…I have to say I wasn’t impressed by the costume choices. The grills in his teeth and the tattoos on his face just had me going “What the fuck is this?!”. After seeing the trailers, I was curious to see where he would take the character. After seeing the movie, I was just confused as to whether or not I liked his performance. For the most part, Joker is trying to get back Harley Quinn. There are two scenes in particular that try and showcase the Joker’s personality; one is in the club with Monster T (played by Common) and the other is in a kitchen with Griggs (played by Ike Barinholtz). The club scene was one of my least favorite scene in the film. I just didn’t understand the direction the scene was going. The overall message of that scene (I believe) was Harley is Joker’s girl and no one else can have her. The kitchen scene was a bit better. The Joker was intimidating Griggs and there’s some dark humor in that works. I’m still not quite sure of the direction they were trying to go with the Joker. He kinda came across as a mafia kingpin/gangster (asking people to kiss his ring). 


Ensemble Cast

Like I mentioned before, this movie has a great ensemble cast. Sadly, I wished some of them had more time on screen. 


Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

If you have watched How to Get Away With Murder, then you know Violas Davis can play the badass boss role and she nails it here too. She can definitely walk into the room and own it. We don’t get any back story about Amanda Waller; just like her files she is on a need to know basis with the audience. She comes in sets up the squad and is pretty much in the background after that. 



Jai Courtney as Boomerang

This is one of the characters I wish we saw more of. He offered great comedic relief in the film. He had a small backstory scene that gave us one of the best small cameos in the film. The film never does explain whats up with his pink unicorn. I’m not sure if its just a tongue&cheek joke about Deadpool. 



Jay Hernandez as Diablo

Diablo is very different from the rest of the squad. Yes he did bad things, but now he wants to change. He sees his powers as a curse. I think Jay Hernandez did an excellent job portraying Diablo. The movie gives him time to tell his story maybe more so than the other character’s got in the film. Whereas most of the film is happy-go-lucky, Diablo’s story is one of sadness. The movie’s tone shifts when around Diablo. 

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag

Rick Flag is the all around solider of the group. He works for Amanda Waller and is in charge of the squad. I kinda feel bad for Rick Flag; he has to deal with Amanda Waller and put up with the squad undermining his authority and all he wants to do is save the woman he loves. 



Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc

This is another character we really didn’t get to see too much. I’m still not sure how he became Killer Croc. He did have some great funny moments in the film. Though in the next film, he needs to eat more people. 



Cara Delevingne- June Moone/ Enchantress

I found the enchantress’ story to be very interesting. I love the idea of an ancient witch being released from an artifact. I love the costumes for the enchantress and her powers are very cool (she can get into people’s minds and let them see their fears and desires). As for June Moone, I didn’t really see anything about her character. June Moone gets lost in the shuffle to showcase the Enchantress. 



Karen Fukuhara- Katana

I WANT MORE KATANA!! Seriously, you setup this badass sword welding chick with a deep backstory about revenging her husband and she has a sword that captures souls and then….nothing. Katana sadly blends to the background after being introduced. I think Katana could have her own spinoff or show. I’m probably going to go search for her comics to feed my need to learn more about her. 


Tone of the Film

A while back, it was announced that they were doing reshoots for Suicide Squad. The rumor was that they were reshooting bits of the film to be funnier. This was around the time that Deadpool was released plus the response from Batman vs Superman. The rumor is the studio was worried by the less than stellar response from Batman vs Superman. Since one of the responses from BvS was that it wasn’t funny, the studio thought to add humor to this film to attract the masses. I can definitely see a difference in Suicide Squad’s first two trailers. Mind you, the first trailer was never suppose to be leaked to the public (it was only meant for the Comic Con audience). 


Trailer One- Comic Con 

Trailer Two

The first trailer is more somber and fits the vibe that Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman shared. The second trailer is an all out fun ride with jokes and loud music. The final movie is a combination of the two and from what I’ve read in some of the other reviews, that’s where critics are going “What the fuck is going on?!” and are calling it a mess. 

Trailers Showing Too Much???

Its one of the biggest problems in the digital age when it comes to marketing movies; we see too much before sitting in the theater. I take responsibility too because I actively searched out every bit of marketing material that came out for this movie. If you’ve seen all of the trailers and clips that were released for this movie, then you saw 90% of this movie. The trailers originally did a good job hiding the movie’s main villain, but I feel like the recent promos gave it away.  


In the end, I thought it was a fun summer popcorn film. If you are walking in there expecting a game-changer then you’re probably not going to get it. Honestly, the amount of hate this film is getting is slightly ridiculous. It just a fun popcorn film. I went with my brother to see the film and we both agreed it was a fun film.  

2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Review: Does It Deserve the Hate?

  1. While I definitely can’t comment with accuracy since I haven’t seen the film, I do think I have an idea of where the hate comes from. As you said, and it’s what I expected, it’s just a ‘fun popcorn film’. But I definitely feel like it could be so much MORE than just a fun film, if people involved put more effort into the story, script, etc, and I can definitely understand frustration in that as a viewer. Just the idea that they had reshoots because they were worried about market response frustrates me, because it shows how little interest the people behind it have in telling a good story, they just want to make money.

  2. There could be so much more. I think most of the film has already been given away due to the trailer. I’m sure I’ll redbox this over actually paying to see it in the theater.

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