Review: Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes Treats

My friend Jen, from JJLockhart, has just returned from her trip to Universal Studios in Florida. Of course while there, she checked out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can read my previous Geeky Adventure to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter HERE.

Jen has brought back several yummy treats from Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes (Fred and George’s joke shop in Diagon Alley). Here are my initial thoughts on the treats.

 Nosebleed Nougat

I know the name sounds gross but the treat is most certainly not. This one reminds me of a three musketeers candy bar. The center has that soft, marshmallow filling. The toppings of the bar add a bit of a crunch with the pistachios and white pearl balls.




 Fever Fudge

I love the colors on this one; the soft blue with the vivid red. The red jelly beans are cinnamon flavored and the blue is the vanilla fudge. Usually I’m not a big fan of cinnamon flavored candy, but this one wasn’t so powerful thanks to the soft vanilla fudge. The fudge really helped to balance the spicy flavor of the cinnamon jelly beans.


Fainting Fancies

This is quite the refreshing treat. It is a nice size orange gummy treat.




 Puking Pastilles

Puking Pastilles are a hard candy. They are pretty large so you can’t just stick the whole thing in your mouth. I wished it had a lollipop stick to help you hold it. The candy has a green apple flavor which was very nice. The purple end had a slightly different texture than the green one.




Overall, my favorite was the Nosebleed Nougats. I’m a huge fan of the Three Musketeers candy bar and so this one was right up my alley.

Bonus Review


Jen’s adorable daughter holding up a Choco-Bacon Bar

Not from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but this Farmer Billy’s Choco-Bacon bar is from the Simpsons area at Universal Studios. I was surprised that I liked this bacon & chocolate bar. The bacon gave the chocolate a really nice smokey flavor.

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