Review: Until Dawn

Review: Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn is a survival horror game developed by Supermassive Game for the PS4. Originally, it was produced for the PS3 with Playstation Move features, but I’m glad they waited to reintroduce this game for the PS4. I can’t imagine playing the game on the PS Move.

Normally, I stay away from horror games. I love horror movies, but playing a horror game I usually freeze up. It’s easier to shout at actors on a screen than to actually run away from killers in a game. The thing about Until Dawn that caught my attention was that it plays and looks like a slasher film. Even the story line seems to be straight out of a teen slasher film; a group of teens meetup at a mountain cabin on the one year anniversary of their friends disappearance. A strange man starts terrorizing them. What I loved about the story line is that, it is not as simple as it looks. There are twists and turns and the story line develops into something more.

In the game, you actually get to play as each character in the group. You don’t get to choose which one and when to switch characters; the character change flows with the story. I think the writers did a great job with¬†the characters personalities. Like a typical teen horror film, you have the jock, the clown, the nerd, the loner, etc. They have the typical teenage problems. Some of the lines are a bit cliches but that comes with the teen slasher film.

The real selling point for this game is that any character can die. If you mess up with the timed button pushes, you could kill the character. There are plenty of instances where you make decisions that craft the game.This makes the game replayable. You can replay the game and try to kill/save everyone.

The graphics in this game are phenomenal. You can clearly tell the actors playing each character. The whole thing looks like a cut scene. This also helps with the camera angles. Normally, I hate fixed cameras. But this game is the expectation to the rule. I appreciated the cinematic camera angles that added to the horror movie feel of the game.

When I played this game, I actually played it with a group of friends. Even though the game is a one-player game, the decision making aspect of the game actually made it fun to play in a group. I even watched several people streaming this on Twitch and found it fun just to watch. My friends and I are actually eager to play this again and even make it into a drinking game. I HIGHLY recommend this game. As a horror movie lover, this game definitely fits the bill.

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