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I just watched “The Final Girls” last night and it could easily be one of my favorite Horror Comedies. Recently, I’ve been hooked on slasher films thanks to it being so close to Halloween and kickerstarter games like “Friday the 13th” and “Last Year“. My interest in teen slashers at a summer camp is at an all time high!

Cue “The Final Girls”, a movie that is aware of the mechanics of a teen slasher film and uses it oh so well.


“The Final Girls” is centered around Max (played by Taissa Farmiga (from American Horror Story)). Max recently lost her mother (played by Malin Akerman). Her mother was an actress, famously known for starting in an 80’s slasher called “Camp Bloodbath”. Max and her friends are invited to a screening of the film. During the screening, there is a terrible fire and Max and her friends are transported into the film. That’s where the fun really begins.

Max and her friends are stuck in the film and must play out the film while trying to save each other and the characters from the evil “Billy Murphy”. The filmmakers had fun with the boundaries of being stuck in a film. I really enjoyed how they poked fun of the classic mechanics of a teenage slasher film. It kinda reminded me of Randy’s Rules of Surviving a Horror Movie from Scream. The golden rule in this picture is Don’t Have Sex and the Virgin Lives at the End.


As a horror movie fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I’m a fan of Adam DeVine (from Workaholics) and I did a great job as the jock in the film. My surprise favorite was the character, Mimi (played by Lauren Gros). Mimi is the counselor that is constantly trying to get naked (which “summons” Billy Murphy).

“The Final Girls” was released on October 9,2015 but sadly, it was a limited release. Please keep your eyes out for a wider release and/or dvd/blu-ray release.

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