Pokemon GO: Your New Fitness Pal

Pokemon Go: Your New Fitness Pal


Pokemon Go was just released this week (for a selected number of countries) on Android and iOS and has already become a pop culture phenomenon. The app is free to download on your Android and iPhone, but it does have in-app purchases available. In the game, you become a Pokemon trainer (with customizable avatar) and you can collect pokemon, battle at local gyms, and visit Pokestops (for free items). 

As a kid, I LOVED playing Pokemon (red/blue) and Pokemon Snap. This game is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. What surprised me the most about this game is that it makes me what to get out and go for a walk to see what I discover. The game uses Google Maps and GPS tracking to monitor where you are and to map out local gyms and Pokestops. Pokestops are usually historical or significant monuments around you. Its a great way to explore your city. You actually have to be standing close to the pokestop and gym in order for the game to register that you are there (so no cheating). 

IMG_0877 IMG_0876

Pokemon Eggs and Egg Incubator

Poke Balls are not the only things you get from visiting Pokestops. You can also collect Pokemon eggs to use in the Egg Incubator to hatch new Pokemon. The way it works is you collect an egg and place it in the egg incubator. Each egg has a different distance that you need to walk in order for the egg to hatch. I really like this feature because it makes you want to walk the distance just to see which pokemon you get from the egg. I’m guessing the longer distances will be rarer Pokemon. 



Pokemon Go tracks your process through leveling up and also badges. The badge feature monitors the different types of Pokemon you have collected, how many Pokestops you have found, and the distance you have walked.

Pokemon-Go-Jogger Pokemon-Go-Jogger


It is very easy to get “lost” in your phone while trying to track down Pokemon, but please be sure to look where you are walking. I have also read stories of people trespassing on other people’s properties in order to capture Pokemon. Please don’t break any laws for virtual Pokemon. 




Like with most new and very popular games, not everything is going to be working perfectly. A LOT of people are playing this game and so the servers keep going down. I have experienced it several times myself. One thing that sometimes helps is to close out the app and to restart it. Though if it is a major server closure than you will just have to wait it out. 

Another issue plaguing gamers is the battery life being drained. Here is a great guide as to how to save your battery life. 


Coming Soon :Pokemon Go Plus

“Pokémon GO Plus is a tiny accessory for smartphone owners that want to experience the game, but don’t want to spend their entire walk staring at their phone. It offers shortcuts for capturing creatures and managing basic Trainer activities. Pokémon GO Plus pre-orders are available, but you could miss out on them if you’re not careful. The tiny Bluetooth accessory is in high-demand; that’s despite its somewhat lofty $34.99 price tag. The Pokémon GO Plus can be clipped on to clothing or worn on a wrist thanks to an included band. Nintendo anticipates some users clipping it to their bags.” (Gotta Be Mobile)


Pokemon Go Plus is a tiny blue tooth accessory that helps you with shortcuts in the game without looking down at your phone all the time. The problem is this accessory is pretty much sold out everywhere except Ebay where the price has sky rocketed to over $100 -$300 (original price is $35).

So have you played Pokemon Go? What do you think of it?

5 thoughts on “Pokemon GO: Your New Fitness Pal

    1. I was like that yesterday when it was only available for NZ and Australia. I was so tempted to try and change my phone’s location to NZ. I hope it comes out soon for your Windows phone. Like I said right now, its pretty buggy so there seems to be more downtime. So hopefully when it opens on Windows, they will fix most of the problems.

    1. I had to delete some of my apps in order to make room because I hardly have any space left on my phone but I think it was worth it

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