Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Reaction to SPOILERS!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Reaction to SPOILERS!


DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. All spoilers I present below are from others who have claimed to have seen the play. 



This past week preview performances for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II were held in London’s Palace Theater for a select few (most notably staff from Hypable.com ). JK Rowling did ask the audience to #keepthesecrets and not to post spoilers online….of course people did. Plot summaries and spoilers have leaked on the internetl. This is your last chance to look away if you don’t wait to be spoiled. 


The Harry Potter fandom after reading the Cursed Child spoilers…..

General Plot Points

It sounds like the play is picking up right where Deathly Hallow’s epilogue left off. Harry Potter’s youngest son, Albus Potter is off to Hogwarts along with Scorpius Malfoy (Draco’s son) and Rose Wealsey (Ron and Hermione’s Daughter). By the way, Hermione is the Minister of Magic (YAY!)

Rose is sorted into Gryffindor while Scorpius and Albus are sorted into Slytherin. I’m not that surprised but I do wish they would shine some more light onto Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. 

Anyway, Scorpius and Albus become good friends (which Harry doesn’t like because he thinks Scorpius is the Cursed Child). They decide to help Delphi Diggory (a new silvery blue haired student and niece to Amos Diggory) on a mission……a mission to go back in time and save Cedric Diggory. 


That’s right…apparently Time Turners can now go back 20 years in the past. What ever happened to Time Turners only going back for like a few hours? Also why Cedric Diggory? There were so many other characters I would save like Tonks, Lupin, Sirius, etc. Also where the hell was this during the original books!?! Harry totally could have gone in the past and met up with the Mauranders. 

Early on in the play, Amos Diggory (Cedric and Delphi’s father) asks Harry to go back in time to save Cedric (but of course he is like hell no). So now it’s up to the kids to do it. Apparently, Scorpius uses polyjuice potion to turn into Ron and takes the Time Turner from Harry’s office. 

So like in most cases of time travel…..it fucks shit up. 

They end up saving Cedric. After saving him, Cedric becomes a Death Eater because he is mad that Harry wins the Triwizard Cup (which doesn’t add up to what his character is all about). Cedric didn’t seem like the jealous type in Goblet of Fire. What happened to our nice Hufflepuff?!?! Also when he comes a follower of the Dark Lord, he KILLS NEVILLE (who plays an essential role in Voldemort’s defeat in the canon universe). So no Neville means Voldemort wins (cause Neville is a bad ass). 

Traveling back now to the “present”, the group finds that …….


They have created the Darkest Timeline!

If you don’t get the Community reference here’s what that means: shit got changed around. Hermione and Ron never had kids and are not together. Harry is dead and Albus hasn’t been born. Voldemort is the ruler and Draco Malfoy is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and condones the elimination of Muggle-borns. Scorpius is famous at Hogwarts (all the girls want to take him to the Blood Ball) and his family is treated like royalty. The evil version of Scorpius even locks up muggle-born students in the Hogwarts dungeons. Now when the time traveling version of Scorpius appears, he is totally against all of that and even the evil version of Draco notices a difference in his son and doesn’t like it. 

In this new universe, Snape is alive and so Scorpius goes to ask him for help (it seems like Scorpius is the hero in the second part). Snape doesn’t believe him at first but then Scorpius reminds him that he loved Lily and all was good. Snape takes Scorpius to a secret “We are Fighting Against Voldemort” club aka another Order of the Phoenix. Ron and Hermione are there and are friends with Snape. Scorpius convinces them all to help him fight the time traveling fuck up that him and Albus made and they all agree to help. 

While in the middle of helping Scorpius, Ron and Hermione die (right after confessing their love for one another) while fending off Dementors. Shortly after they die, Snape dies (also by dementors). Right before he goes, Snape tells Scorpius to tell Harry that he is proud to have Albus bearing his name.

Scorpius manages to fix everything and when he gets back, Scorpius and Albus decide to destroy the time turner (cause you know bad shit happens when you go back in time). On their way to destroy it, they meet up with Delphi and tell her how they can’t save Cedric because if they do then Voldemort wins. 

Delphi agrees to help them destroy the time turner and they willing hand it over to Delphi. At this time, Albus notices a TATTOO on Delphi’s back of the symbol of a Augury. Scorpius recognizes that symbol as the symbol for Voldemort sympathizers in the darkest timeline. Delphi admits that she is a Voldemort sympathizer and that she will use the time turner to make sure Voldemort rules. 

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron and Ginny confront Amos Diggory and find out that he doesn’t have a niece and he has been under a spell. They go to Delphi’s room to find out that she has been obsessed with a prophecy dealing with Voldemort’s return and that she is actually the love child of Bellatrix and Voldemort. 

unnamed (1)

Ya…my mind can’t fully wrap around that. I’ve always thought of Voldemort as more of a THING vs a man so how the hell can he make a child. Also Bellatrix must have REALLY kept that pregnancy a big secret. I really need to read the books again to see if JK Rowling foreshadowed this ANYWHERE?! 

So back to the story, Scorpius and Albus manage to get the story on track aka Cedric dies. Delphi escapes with Albus and Scoripus, taking them FURTHER INTO THE PAST to the night of James and Lily Potter’s deaths!!!!! 

Hoping back to the “present”, Harry is having a heated conversation with portrait version of Dumbledore. Harry is yelling at him about sending him to abusive people like the Dursleys and the trauma he endured while at war. This scene sounds like it is there to make the audience aware what Dumbledore did while making Harry play a role in the war. 

Draco walks in and also shares some personal information with Harry like how his wife, Astoria, died from a rare disease. He also reveals to Harry that the super rare Time Turner the kids used was not so rare after all and that there’s another one and Draco has it. Time for the adults to go back in time!

While this is happening, Scorpius and Albus use Harry’s baby blanket to send a message present Harry (cause you know he keeps that thing next to him at all times).

Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Draco and Ron travel back in time to come to the kids rescue. They all meet up and shit goes down. 

Delphi wants to meet her father to  warn him not to kill Harry (since it was his downfall). Harry disguises himself as Voldemort to trick Delphi. Delphi reveals to the fake Voldemort that she is his and Bellatrix’s daughter and that Bellatrix’s husband, Rodolphus, is the one that told her all about it. 

Eventually Harry’s disguise wears off and Delphi is ready for a fight now. She locks everyone up in the church (where they have been hiding) in order to fight Harry one on one. She nearly kills Harry before everyone manages to get out and surrounds her. Delphi begs for them to kill her or wipe her memory. Harry doesn’t give her the easy way out and tells her that she is an orphan and will always be one. 

Harry is then forced to witness the murder of his parents and the part where Hagrid coming to take him away. This part sounds like a part where I’m going to be crying my eyes out. 

Now for the most part this story really just feels like a fan fiction. People online are even comparing this to “My Immortal”, a Harry Potter fan fiction notorious for the out of character writing and mary sue type main character. The whole thing with time travel and Delphi just doesn’t sound like something JK Rowling would write. 

unnamed (2)

Could this all be a test? JK Rowling has came out to call people spoiling Cursed Child, Wormtails (which I guess is now me….that’s fine I like cheese anyway). So could this be a fake plot to throw off people? It could be, but more and more people are saying that it isn’t. 

So even if this crazy, time-lordy story is the real deal, I’m still going to check out the screen play book being released on July 31st. If you leave close enough to the London Palace Theater, I also suggest you buy your tickets to go see it.  I’m also VERY jealous if you do get to go see it live. Even though JK Rowling announced the play will go on tour, most of us will not get to see it. I really wished they would have done one of those Fanthom events where they broadcast the play in movie theaters. Something like this really needs to be SEEN. Plus the one thing I hear across the board about the play is that the cast is phenomenal and I would love to see their performance.

unnamed (3)

Then again, this could be JK Rowling’s way of trolling us. 

So what do you think of the Cursed Child?  Do you think this is the real deal? 

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- Reaction to SPOILERS!

  1. You have the bare bones of the plot right. I saw it last week. It plays better on stage, honestly, but there are some flaws that are hard to get behind

    1. Thank you so MUCH for letting me know!!! I still preordered the book and my local town is going to have a casual read through that night. I still would like to see some kind of recording of the London play. The set looked great!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has extreme difficulty with the idea of Voldemort having a child. I can’t imagine him wanting that intimacy/vulnerability with anyone.

  3. Correction: Amos Diggory is not introduced as Delphi’s father. She is a poser YES, but as Cedric’ s cousin not as his sister. Also posing as a nurse in a retirement home for Wizards.

  4. Correction: Amos Diggory is not introduced as Delphi’s father. She is a poser YES, but as Cedric’ s cousin not as his sister. Also posing as a nurse in a retirement home for Wizards.

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