Geeky Guide: Mono White Life Gain MTG Deck

This is my mono white life gain deck for Magic: The Gathering. I’m still in the process of testing this deck, so feel feel to leave comments below and add any suggestions for this deck.


20x Plains

4x Seraph Sanctuary


1x Ajani Goldmane


2x Felidar Sovereign

4x Suture Priest

4x Kembra’s Skyguard

2x Angel of Jubilation

4x Soul’s Attendant

4x Ajani’s Pridemate

4x Soul Warden

4x Seraph of Dawn

2x Hero of Bladehold

1x Martyr of Sands


4x Path to Exile


I’m also looking to add Serra Ascendant to this deck as well. Rhox Faithmender is also a great creature to have if you have a lot of creatures with Lifeline since it allows you to gain twice as much life with lifelink. 

I noticed after typing all of this out that I just have creatures in this deck. Any suggestions for instants, sorcery, or enchantments? An enchantment I could add is Ajani’s Mantra.

I’ve tested this deck out a couple of times and if I can hit the right combos and get up to 40 life and drop Felidar Sovereign on the board then it works fine.

Lifegain decks are really fun. They definitely buy you some time in the game as you keep gaining back your life with each turn.

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