Geeky Adventures: WWE & NXT House Shows

WWE & NXT House Shows

I am back with an all new geeky adventure. Though this time it’s actually two adventures; WWE Live (Richmond, VA) and NXT Live (Concord, NC). I’ve written about other WWE House Shows in the past, but this was the first time I’ve been to an NXT Live show. NXT is WWE’s developmental branch based out of the campus of Full Sail University in Florida. NXT has a weekly show and special events on the WWE Network. I’m a HUGE fan of NXT. I think the talent there are so engaging and entertaining. NXT does tour around the world, but they just haven’t been to Richmond, VA yet. So Concord, NC was the closest to Richmond that I’ve seen yet. 


WWE Road to Wrestlemania House Show (Richmond, VA) 

March 26, 2016


Made it on the titantron! WWE house shows that this social media thing before the show that showcases tweets with their hashtag.

Tyler Breeze v. AJ Styles

Tyler-Breeze AJ-Styles

Who posed better?

I was SO looking forward to seeing AJ Styles at the house show. This was the first time that I’ve seen AJ Styles live. I almost thought he wouldn’t be at this house show since it was the day before Easter. But I got lucky and he was the first match of the night. 


The Miz v. Jack Swagger


The Miz and Jack Swagger had one of the funniest moments of the night when the Miz wanted to show the audience what a “real man looks like” AKA his Magic Mike moment.

The Hype Bros v. The Ascension


Mojo Rawley was the hometown favorite in this match. Mojo Rawley is from Alexandria,VA and his family and friends came out and sat together in the area with matching Hype Bros shirts and signs. It was really nice to see the support and love for the Hype Bros. 


Mojo Rawley Section 

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks v. Naomi & Tamina Snuka 

I love this little part after the match. This was right before Wrestlemania and both female wrestlers, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, were fighting against Charlotte for the Women’s Championship.


Charlotte v. Natalya

Speaking of Charlotte, she also had a match at the house show against Natalya. I didn’t manage to get any great footage from the match. I think it was the fact that I was in shock because Natalya high fived me on the way to the ring (First high five from a wrestler…so check that off of my bucket list). Natalya is clearly the crowd favorite in this match (though Richmond, VA sure do love their WOOOOOOs for Ric Flair, who of course accompanied his daughter, Charlotte, to the ring).


New Day v. Usos v. Dudley Boyz


My New DAY Rocks poster 

I was surprised by the Richmond crowd during this match. Richmond, VA is clearly an Usos’ town. I LOVE the New Day so I was mostly cheering for them. Xavier Woods stole the show with his back slaps reactions. Everyone from the other teams were slapping his back. At one point, Woods tried to leave the match. It was all very funny and over dramatic. 



Kevin Owens v. Sami Zayn

These two could feud forever and I would still find it entertaining 80 years from now. This was also my first time seeing Sami Zayn live and it was wonderful to see him. I LOVE his theme song. It might be the happiest/energetic theme song on the roster.


Main Event: Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns v. Sheamus & Wade Barrett



NXT Live: Concord, NC

April 7, 2016

NXT Live

So I made this event into a little road trip with me and three of my friends (two of them had never been to a live wrestling event before). From Richmond, VA to Concord, NC, it’s about 4 hours and 20 minutes. I was so freaking excited to see my favorite NXT superstars. 

Finn-Balor-poster I went poster crazy for this event. I was trying to make posters for pretty much everyone I was  excited to see. 

Poster Gallery

Fun story! So walking into the arena, I spotted an NXT crew member with a camera. He was filming other people’s posters (including one of my friend’s). He saw my Nakamura poster and filmed it. But not only that he interviewed me about Nakamura. I was SO nervous and was probably a giddy idiot, but my friends reassured me that I did a great job. I don’t have an idea as to what they will be using the footage for, but it was the best moment. 

I didn’t film as much for the NXT show, since I really wanted to experience the event. I feel like some times when I’m filming the event, I’m really just missing out on it. So for the NXT Event, I’m just going to summarize it. 

The first couple of matches were with wrestlers that haven’t debuted yet on NXT so I didn’t really know what to expect from their performances. The one that really stood out was “No Way Jose”. NXT has been showing promos for his debut for weeks now, but never really showed him. Right off the bat, his entrance music is really catchy. One of my friends said she could do Zumba to it, and I would agree. Jose is a really happy and energetic character which made the crowd get behind him.

Another person that got the crowd over was Manny Andrade who was against Austin Aries. At first the crowd instantly connected with Austin Aries since he is a well known wrestler and has been in front of the camera on NXT. Manny has yet to debut in front of the NXT camera and so I didn’t know much about him. What was really impressive about Manny were his moves. There were so many times in the match that my friends and I were like “Whoa”. It was because of his impressive moves that the crowd really got behind him. Even at the end of the match, Austin Aries showed good sportsmanship by shaking Manny’s hand.

The ladies of NXT were also in the house (though sadly no Bayley). Carmella wowed the crowd (and crowned herself Queen of Concord for the night). Carmella was against Eva Marie. I’m not the biggest fan of Eva Marie, but one of my friends said it appears like she is improving, but it still looked like Carmella was helping the match along. Asuka fought Peyton Royce (who keeps reminding me of Poison Ivy). Asuka is one of my favorites right now. She is very unique and mysterious. She even cut a promo at the end of her match saying that she will “kick Eva Marie’s ass!” HELL YA!

My favorite new tag team, American Alpha, were there as well. Fresh off of their tag team championship win at Takeover: Dallas. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable work so well together on mic and in the ring. They were a blast to watch. 

Main Event Time! Shinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin & Tye Dillinger. The two wrestlers I drove all the way to see, Shinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor, are tag teaming together?!?!?!? Thank you wrestling gods! I was really blown away. Nakamura’s movements in the ring are just so unique, its like he is doing a dance. That night Finn Balor channeled Ric Flair. He had his moves and of course the WOOOOOOs down pat. 


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  1. Omg! How fun! The photo of AJ styles is too funny!

    There is a live event coming to Orlando in June. I haven’t bought my ticket yet but I would like to go and see how a non-taped event is like. I did buy my ticket to watch Raw live in Tampa though! I can’t wait!!!

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