Geeky Adventures: Kickin’ Chicken Wingfest RVA

The first Kickin’ Chicken Wingfest was held in Richmond, Virginia on October 19, 2014. The festival was held at the 17th street farmer’s market downtown. They had a great turnout for vendors for a first time event. I’m going to highlight the ones that I tried out. Warning delicious photos below!




The first stop on my chicken wing trip was to bonbon asian fusion food truck. They had a large variety of flavors. The ones my friends and I choose to try out were lemon garlic, apple cider bbq and bonbon.

IMG_5503  Apple Cider BBQ from BonBon

The Apple Cider BBQ had a nice tangy flavor. I could taste an apple vinegar to it. It tasted like a pretty standard chicken compared to the next two flavors from BonBon.

IMG_5505 Lemon Garlic from BonBon

 The lemon garlic were so delicious. It really had a nice light flavor. The flavor wasn’t strong and it cleansed your pallet between the other two flavors.

IMG_5504 BonBon 

 At first glance I thought these were going to be super spicy since I saw red pepper flakes in them. These were actually quite nice. There wasn’t a huge kick that other spicy wings would have. The sauce was a sweet and spicy combination. It was actually have favorite out of the three.



The Camel’s three dishes that we tried were the buffalo chicken wing taco, honey ginger and buffalo garlic wings.

IMG_5507 The Camel

The buffalo chicken wing taco tasted like a classic buffalo wing with ranch wrapped in a corn tortilla. It had a nice spicy kick and was thankfully cleaner to eat than the wing counterpart. The honey ginger was pretty interesting to me. The taste reminded me of tea. Buffalo garlic had a nice kick to it. It definitely warmed me up in the chilly day.


IMG_5508 Belverdere Vodka Tent

These wings were purchased in the Belverdere Vodka Tent. I didn’t get the vendor’s name. These wings came with some EXTRA sauce. It was definitely a rich and creamy sauce and it was finger-licking good.

IMG_5511 IMG_5512

From the fire fighters

I really need to get the official name for this group! I have seen them at pretty much every event at the 17th street farmers’ market. They have a fire truck and they are set up by the main entrance. Now their wings are a bit different from the others. They are smoked wings without any sauce. You can try their five different sauces on the side. To me, I personally think you didn’t even need the sauce for these wings. The smokey flavor was just wonderful on its own. Now if you did want some sauce, they ranged from asian to classic buffalo.

Special shout out to Gigi’s pot. I didn’t get a photo of their wings, but they

Overall this was a great event. I loved how they set up two flat screen tvs to play the football game with tables surrounding them. It was well thought out. I look forward to future chicken wing festivals in RVA.

IMG_5500 written by Geeky Nikki

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