Geeky Adventure: WWE RAW May 18, 2015

For the last couple of years, I’ve been to several WWE Live Events in Richmond, Virginia. You can read my previous adventures for WWE RAW July 14, 2014 and WWE Live December 29, 2014. I have to say May 18, 2015 RAW was the best experience yet.

Here are a few of my highlights from that night:

1. My Cesaro/Kidd Moment


 I made it on RAW and Cesaro/Kidd noticed me from the ring.

This one is a personal moment. I made a Cesaro/Kidd sign with a cat in the superman pose (referring to Cesaro as the Swiss Superman) with a Cesaro/Kidd shirt underneath.

I posted it on Twitter and got a favorite from Tyson Kidd’s twitter account. When Cesaro, Kidd, and Natalia entered the arena, I noticed Tyson Kidd pointing to my sign but it was hard to see  because there were a few people between me and the barricade. When it came time for the New Day to enter, I kept my sign up facing the ring hoping that Cesaro and Kidd to see. Sure enough they did and pointed to me. It was a great little moment that only lasted a few seconds, but it was awesome and something I will truly remember.

My Cesaro/Kidd moment filmed by my brother.



There’s no way this wouldn’t be on the list. This is the biggest moment I have ever seen at a live WWE event: the debut of a wrestler. But Kevin Owens is not just any wrestler, he is the NXT Champion and a well known wrestler from independent wrestling circuit.  NXT is WWE’s developmental branch. You can catch NXT shows and special live NXT events on the WWE Network. If you are a WWE fan, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be watching NXT. Kevin Owens debuted on NXT December 11, 2014 and since then he has held a dominating presence in & out of the ring by winning the NXT championship just two months after debuting.

Let’s fast forward to Monday night and his RAW debut. I thought the whole segment was crafted beautifully. It started out with John Cena (WWE US Champion) coming out to the ring. The crowd was chanting/singing ‘John Cena Sucks’. As soon as John Cena was given the mic, he was able to turn the crowd around by getting them to chant ‘USA’. Cena even pointed to some military service men in the crowd. The whole promo felt extremely patriotic. Cena opens the floor with this open challenge for anyone to fight for the US championship (which has been an excellent way to highlight other wrestlers and was even used to debut Sami Zayn, another NXT wrestler). Enter Kevin Owens. I flipped out and was extremely excited to see him.  The crowd was kinda mixed; some of them knew exactly who he was and others did not. According to Owens, those fans that didn’t know him were “a waste of his time”. I especially loved when he said he wasn’t going to accept Cena’s open challenge, which reminded me of his NXT championship match with Sami Zayn. Owens said on both occasions that he fights only on his terms, which we now know for Cena will be at the next pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber on May 31st.  Ending the segment with Owens delivering a well-executed pop-up powerbomb to Cena and stepping on the US championship belt only solidified what some have been saying for a while now; Owens will be top heel of this company someday.

Kevin Owens Debuts on RAW

3. Ambrose/Rollins



My Dean Ambrose sign from RAW May 18, 2015

I felt almost spoiled as to how many times Ambrose and Rollins were on RAW that night. I feel like these two are extremely talented; both in the ring and on the mic. Not only did we see them all throughout the night, but it was also announced that Ambrose vs Rollins will be the main event for Elimination Chamber on May 31st. I am definitely more excited about Elimination Chamber than I was for Payback.



4. Paige is BACK!

Reports back in April stated that Paige was injured and was taken out of action for a few months. She made her return on RAW on May 18th and it was a welcome sight to see her again. She made her way to the ring after the Naomi vs Nikki Bella match and took out all of the Divas in her way. Paige made it clear that she is back and she wants her title back as well.

5. Zack Ryder Sighting!!

Every time Zack Ryder appears in the ring, I feel like I’m seeing a unicorn. He is such a fun guy to follow on Instagram. His love for Ghostbusters is just awesome. I just wish the WWE would use him more often.



6. Dark Match


A dark match occasionally happens after RAW is finished taping. It’s a non-televised match. The dark match after Raw for May 18, 2015 was Roman Reigns & John Cena vs Seth Rollins & Rusev. It was intere sting to note that Roman Reigns wasn’t on RAW that evening and only appeared for this dark match. Overall it was a very entertaining match. Everyone shined in the match. Roman Reigns gave the crowd a “look” when we were chanting “We want tables!”


I love how this is starting to be a running joke with Seth. We cool? 

IMG_7301 IMG_7302

I truly enjoyed going to see RAW with friends and family this time around. It was great to share all the moments of the evening. I look forward to seeing WWE in Richmond again!

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