Geeky Adventure: WWE LIVE Show Richmond, VA- Dec. 29, 2014

I know this one is a bit late to be posting this geeky adventure, but since I had a blast at the WWE Live Show I still wanted to share it. So this was my first WWE Live HOUSE show. The other WWE events I have been to have been WWE RAW. Raw is a live TELEVISED show (meaning it airs on t.v.). This was a house show. Those shows are not televised and so they are set up a bit differently than RAW.

The very first thing I noticed when putting up to the Richmond Coliseum was how empty it was. There were a few fans lined up, but there were no WWE trucks parked out front of the coliseum, no merchandising stands. Even the WWE employee parking ramp was empty. You really wouldn’t have known there was a show happening if it weren’t for the fans outside. This is completely different from a RAW show. With RAW, huge trucks are lined up with wrestlers’ faces everywhere. It’s a great sight to see and it gets you completely hyped.

IMG_5867WWE Employee Parking Before the House Show. Usually full of cars when its a RAW show

Getting to the show earlier, I did get to see a few wrestlers enter the area like Emma and Adam Rose. Entering the Coliseum, again I noticed the lack of merchandise tables compared to RAW. The one table had a handful of choices. It was strange to see since WWE is known for their merchandise.

Even when I got to my seat, I was shocked at how empty it was. There was no huge titantron. The area really didn’t get full until it was showtime. Finally once the show actually started, it felt like a WWE Show.



Roman Reigns vs. Kane

First match of the evening was Roman Reigns vs Kane. Now I should mention this house show was on a Monday night at the same time as RAW in Washington DC. It seems very strange to book a house show the same time as RAW. I mention this because Roman Reigns also appeared on RAW later that night and because of that, this match was SHORT. Roman Reigns hit all of his signature moves in less than 5 minutes and the match was over with. If you left to go to the bathroom, the match was over before you left the arena. After the match, Roman Reigns quickly left to go to DC.


 Tyler Breeze, Titus O’Neil, Hornswoggle vs. Los Matadores


Tyler Breeze is in the building!

I got SUPER excited when I saw Tyler Breeze in the building. My number one goal for the evening was to see NXT wrestlers so I definitely cheered when I saw Tyler Breeze. The match was entertaining. There were a few comedic moments between El Torito and Hornswoggle. It was also entertaining to see Titus O’Neil get angry after losing.


Justin Gabriel vs Sin Cara


Justin Gabriel top rope!

Justin Gabriel is actually no longer a part of the WWE and after seeing the house show I’m sad to see him go. When I first saw him, I questioned whether we should boo or cheer him (babyface or heel??). Since I hadn’t seen him in the ring for so long, I didn’t have a sense of his character any more. Once he entered the ring, it was quickly apparent that he was the heel in this match. He did little heel things that would tease the audience. Overall it was a great match. I always enjoy high flyers and these two delivered. This would be the last match I would see live with Justin Gabriel in a WWE ring.

Star Dust & Gold Dust vs The New Day

When I say Star Dust & Gold Dust can play excellent heels… I mean they dominated the match with their interactions with the crowd. They started off with the classic heel move which is making fun of the home town. It is no big secret that Richmond, Virginia has no sports team, we are not really known for anything since the Civil War. Star Dust & Gold Dust reminded all of us about that. The one thing that surprised me in the match was that Gold Dust completely stopped the match to point out a fan in the audience. He basically told the fan to sit down and shut up. Big E stepped in and told the fan he could cheer and boo whoever he liked. It was a great moment that you would never see on RAW unless it was staged on RAW. This moment made me appreciate the house show because it allowed more interaction between the wrestlers and the fans. The New Day won and the Dust brothers were sent home sulking.


 DIVAS MATCH: Emma, Charlotte, Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae, Cameron, Rosa Mendes


I was SO excited to see the NXT Divia’s Champion, Charlotte, in Richmond, VA. This match was WWE’s App poll match, meaning we had to use our phones to vote on a one on one divas match or this 3 on 3 santa match. Of course the santa match won. I don’t have much footage of the actually match. Trust me, when I say Charlotte kicked ass!


Curtis Axel vs Adam Rose

I have to say I was really impressed with Curtis Axel during this match. I wasn’t much of a fan of his before this match, but during this match he really played the part of the baby face well. Adam Rose was being heel since this took place after he injured the bunny. Curtis Axel was interacting with the crowd well and getting us to cheer for him.


MAIN EVENT: Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

IMG_6201 IMG_6199

THIS WAS AWESOME!!! Two of my current favorites in the ring! There were tables, chairs, sticks. It was pure craziness at its finest. It was the highlight of the night.



Overall, I still say the House Show was so much fun. Its definitely a more intimate show compared to the grandness of a RAW show. But if you are a die hard fan of the WWE, I would suggest going. If you are brand new to the WWE, I would suggest going if you just want to see a wrestling match. The House Show won’t give you any details of the current story lines; its just pure action back to back.

IMG_5924Signs taped behind the entrance curtain that reads “Intensity SELL”

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