Geeky Adventure: The Playstation E3 Experience

Monday night, Sony had their presentation on the E3 stage. While the presentation was happening, Sony live streamed the event in several movie theaters across the country, which was called the Playstation E3 Experience. I also got some cool giveaways and codes for PS Plus trial and for a few games. I have never attended any of the previous Playstation E3 Experience events before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Entering the theater reminded me of when I go see sneak peeks for movies, you line up around 30 minutes before the doors open, talk to a few other people in line, you bring your ticket to the sign-in desk, pick-up any free swag at the desk and you’re in.

So here is what we got from the swag table:

Playstation E3 Experience

  • PS lanyard with a VIP card attached with a code for a special Batman costume (Arkham Knight), Shadow of the Colossus (PS Now code)
  • Mini Poster with Battlefront, Street Fighter V, Mad Max, and No Man’s Sky on one side. The other side was Uncharted 4
  • PS Plus 7 day trial code
  • Battlefront sticker

Not the most exciting stuff but it’s always nice to get free stuff.

Overall the theater experience of watching the live stream had its good and bad moments. The bad mostly had to do with audio problems in the beginning and end; low volume in the beginning and then they cut the audio off for part of the after show.

The good was experiencing this in a large room with other fans. You definitely get a feel from the room as to which games people are really looking forward to.

Here are some of my highlights from Sony’s presentation:

Shenmue III

I loved Shenmue I & II on dreamcast. So when I saw that one bit of video of early Shenmue III, I was so excited. When I heard about the Kickstarter campaign, I was like “take my money!!”. It looks like I wasn’t the only one who thought that, as of Tuesday morning (less than 9 hours from starting the Kickstarter campaign) they had already reached their goal of $2 million. You can still donate to the campaign and reserve your copy of Shenmue III, here.


Horizon Zero Dawn

Here’s a game I didn’t really know about until the presentation and yet it blew me away. Guerrilla Games has stepped away from Kill Zone to develop this post apocalyptic game set in the future where the earth has taken back the land. The scenery where the greenery is taken over the building is just gorgeous. There are now tribes of people roaming the earth (their styles look very indigenous). You play a female character from the oldest tribe. She reminds me of Ygritte from Game of Thrones. The video from E3 shows her hunting these robotic creatures. They look like giant robotic dinosaurs. The combat looks very fluid. I’m going to keep my eye on this game.

No Man’s Sky

If you read my previous Geeky Guide for Sony E3, then you know I’m pretty excited for this game. What I loved about Monday night’s presentation was when they showed us just how massive this game is. When he kept zooming out and you can see  all of the different galaxies, my mind was blown. This game is definitely an open universe game where you can get lost in it. Shout out to Sean Murray from Hello Games, who lead the presentation for No Man’s Sky. I thought he was very relaxed when presenting and didn’t make it seem like a sale’s pitch compared to the others.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III

I feel so conflicted right now. I love playing Call of Duty…on Xbox. As I mentioned in my geeky guide, I knew about the rumors that the exclusivity deal for xbox was coming to an end and so now Playstation will have all of the DLC maps before xbox. It is now official from Monday night’s presentation that Call of Duty’s new home is Playstation. Now the question is, do I keep playing on Xbox and wait for the maps or switch to Playstation and get the maps first?

Now switching to the actual gameplay videos, the one word that was said throughout the theater when we watched the multiplayer video was….Titanfall? The multiplayer gameplay footgame did strike some similarity to Titanfall’s gameplay. One new addition that I did like is that the campaign can be cooperative. Now you and three other friends can play through the campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars fans rejoice Battlefront looks amazing. Last night, we saw Battlefront gameplay footage of the co-operative survival mode with holographic Admiral Ackbar included. #SkyWater


Last Guardian

Last Guardian looks like a heartwarming game where you play a young boy befriending a giant, feathered creature,  named Tric. The thing is this game has been in limbo since 2009. I’m in the “I’ll believe when I see it” phrase. I’ll believe its coming out when I hold the game in my hands.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This just looks beautiful. Yes, you can “take my money” again.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Here we are at the grand finale of the show and… the game glitches. This shit happens but it was just the worst timing at the very end of the show. But they rebooted it and the gameplay goes on. Crazy car chase is what I took from it. Overall it was a fun video to watch.

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