Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival

Geeky Adventure: Hampton Roads Tattoo FestivalNow that it’s spring, I feel like it’s time to start going on  more geeky adventures. I started the season by going to my first tattoo festival. I have several tattoos, but I have never been to a tattoo festival. What peaked my interest was not just the huge number of tattoo artists that were going to be there, but also the shows they were having there as well. Several bands played, an indie wrestling group, and a circus side show were there as well.


Hampton Roads Tattoo FestivalI learned a few things after attending the festival. One major thing was if you are planning to get a tattoo done that day, do your research ahead of time. Most of the tattoo artists get booked fast and some are even booked well before the show even starts. The tattoo festival had a list of artists on their website with links to their works. Take the time to research and contact the artist before the show. Now there are some booths that will still have walk-ups available that day, but if there’s someone you have in mind ahead of time, you are more likely to get them if you book ahead. 


A second thing I learned at the tattoo convention is to bring cash. I’m so use to the Comicon booths that use squared for credit cards, however the tattoo convention had booths that just wanted cash only. There was an ATM on site, but if you want to avoid fees then carry some cash with you (just keep it safe since you are in a public setting). 


Southside Pro Wrestling

It’s not much a secret that I’m a wrestling fan…I just haven’t seen a live indie wrestling match. So when I heard there will be some indie wrestling happening at the festival, I was excited to check it out. 

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I really enjoyed the wrestling shows (they had several throughout the day). Even my friends (who don’t really watch wrestling) enjoyed it too.


Pinup Girl Contest

I really adore the style of the vintage pinup girl. I wish I could master that style.

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Side Note: I almost got hit in the face with a t-shirt (MC was throwing free shirts to the audience). Luckily a guy caught it. I really need to pay better attention to my surroundings when I’m taking photos.


Circus of Curiosity and Chaos

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This guy was hilarious and so much fun to watch!! He is from Chicago (so if you are from that area definitely check out his show).


Team TDH Suspensions

*Warning this might not be for the faith of heart. 

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So what human suspension is… hooks are place through the skin on a person’s back and they are suspended into the air. It was actually pretty cool to watch (but it’s not for everyone).


Overall it was a fun day. LOTS of walking (so wear comfortable shoes). I did find several artists that I’m interested in. When you are at a tattoo festival, you DEFINITELY get an itch for a new tattoo. One of my friends did get a new tattoo by the end of the night.

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Have you been to a tattoo festival or have questions? Write about it in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve always been curious to check out a tattoo festival! I think I’d love just wandering around admiring the art (and craving new tattoos!) Also, suspensions break my brain. I don’t understand how the skin doesn’t just rip off! In a weird way, I kind of want to try it just to experience what it’s like and find out about the process!

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