Drawlloween & October Updates



Hello Everyone!! It has been far too long since I last posted on here. I’ve been SO busy lately. Here are some updates as to what I’ve been up to….


NXT Richmond


WWE’s NXT finally made it’s way to Richmond, Virginia on October 7th. I was SO excited since this was the first time NXT has been in Richmond. Last time, I had to drive to North Carolina to see them. It was a very interesting event since it was the first time I’ve seen a wrestling event setup on a performance stage. All of the other times that I’ve seen a wrestling event, it has been in an arena. I got to see some of my favorites; Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Tye Dillinger, Bobby Roode, No Way Jose, Samoa Joe. It was such a fun night. 





In the beginning of October, I discovered #Drawlloween2016 on Instagram and decided to take part. Last year, I didn’t get to participate in #inktober and so this year I didn’t want to miss out. There is a different drawing theme for each day in October. Here are some of my drawings so far (I will be updated this post with new drawings). I’ve mostly been using copic markers to create these drawings. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram for new drawings and artworks by me. 

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VA Comic Con- Oct. 29th & 30th


So the number 1 thing that has been taking up my time is preparing for the VA Comic Con happening on Oct. 29th and 30th. I will be having an artist table at the Con with two of my friends, JJLockhart and Eve’s Treasures and Trickets. I have been working on new digital artwork and setting up my prints. Plus I have a new product, BUTTONS!!! Now I can make cool buttons with my artwork. Since this con is taking place on Halloween weekend, I will be having TWO costumes. I’m super excited to be back at VA Comic Con and I will be sure to take tons of cosplay pictures (so keep an eye on my Instagram). 


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