Dead by Daylight Beta Guide

Dead By Daylight Beta Guide

dead by daylight beta guide

I’m taking a small break from Overwatch to check out a new online game called Dead by Daylight. Currently, the game is in beta (until June 12th), which means only a small portion of the game is available to play (one map/one killer). The full game will be release on June 14th. Here are my thoughts on the game in this Dead by Daylight Beta Guide. 


The game is quite simple you either play as the killer or one of the 4 survivors. The killer is trying to kill all four survivors while the survivors are trying to escape the map. In order to escape the survivors must repair 5 generators and open the escape door or if you happen to end up as being the lone survivor a secret escape door (that doesn’t require the generators) opens up. Now this might just be for this particular map. I’m not sure if the other maps offer different game modes.

The game definitely feels like a horror/slasher film. I loved the scary music and sound effects in the game.


Speaking of sound effects….



Sound effects play a CRITICAL role in the game. I suggest breaking out your headphones for this game. As a survivor, you can detect when the killer is nearby by listening out for a heartbeat sound. As the killer gets closer, the heart beat gets faster. Also as a survivor, when repairing a generator or healing a fellow survivor you get this little mini challenge where you have to tap the space bar at just the right time or else it will alert the killer (like the repair will back fire creating a loud noise). Listen up for a sound that will alert you when the challenge is about to start so you can get your thumbs ready by the space bar.

dead by daylight

Killers….sound can be your best friend too. Wounded survivors often make lots of noises (which makes them easier to track down). Also like I mentioned before, if a survivor messes up on the challenge you will be alerted to their position (you can also visually see it).




I’ve played both the killer and a survivor and I have to say I like playing the survivor more. I think having the extra people helping you is a definite plus. Though I’m a terrible teammate (I freely admit it). I’m the survivor that opens the exit and doesn’t look back as I’m escaping. If a teammate is in trouble, I won’t go save them. I do this because I’m horrible at running away from the killer.

Once the killer sees me, I’m mostly likely dead. Now there are ways of escaping the killer by either climbing through windows or knocking down objects. But I found that you have to do these at just the right time. Also, these don’t really help if you are up against a really good killer; the ones that know to put their bear traps down under the windows or to go around objects. 

There are also times where its just better to hide than to run. I’m a runner. No matter what I run….and in this game that’s not always the way to go. I’ve always found myself terrible at sneak games/missions. If you love sneak games then this one is for you. Taking a moment and not rushing into things can really save you (if you are playing as a survivor). Make sure to watch out for bear traps! Good killers know how to hide them in popular spots (like under windows). 



As the killer, it is your goal to kill all of the survivors. In the beta version, you are armed with a machete and bear traps (in the full version there will be other killers to choose from). To use the machete, you have to be very close to the victim to hit them (right mouse click). If you are not close enough, then missing the victim will slow you down (I’ve learned this several times). You have to be SUPER close to get them. 

Now hitting the victim once will just injure/slow them down. You have to hit them twice to knock them down. Once they are on the ground you can either pick them up and place them on one of the several hooks around the map or leave them to bleed out (that takes a while). It will take them several seconds to die on the hook (the time will go faster if they attempt to get down by themselves). Other survivors can help the victim down from the hook. Though if you stick around or place down traps, they are less likely to help. 


Traps are a killer’s best friend. The map is a good  size that you can’t always manage it all on your own. As the killer, I found it a bit overwhelming if the group of survivors are all spread out. The killer can be somewhat slow. Setting traps through out the map can help with that. I usually set up traps around generators, under windows, and whenever I hook someone. By placing one in front of a hooked victim, it discourages the other survivors from rescuing them. 

Also look out for visual aids when you are the killer. Survivors that run leave a glow trail on the ground. Also whenever a generator is turned on or back fires, you can visually see it light up. 

So even though Dead by Daylight seems like a very simple game, I’ve enjoyed every match. The complexity comes from the human element of the game. Every match is unique because you just don’t know who you are up against. 

Dead by Daylight will be released on June 14. You can preorder the game now with a 10% off price which makes it 17.99 (totally worth it). If you are interested in playing the beta, you can get a key by either preordering the deluxe edition of the game or try your luck on the beta website. Every evening (around 6pm est) the site opens up for you to try and get a beta key. They give you a link and you have to get three friends to “save you”. You have 30 minutes to get them to “save you”. 

If you play on steam and would like to add me as a friend, my username name is Geekyvelma. Have you played Dead by Daylight? Let me know what you think in the comments below 

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