Crunchyroll Find: Switch Girl


Crunchyroll Find: Switch Girl!

Every Girl Has Her On/Off Mode


Looking for a new show to binge watch? How about checking out Switch Girl on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll does not require you to have an account in order to watch the show. If you do choose to become a VIP member of the site, you can bypass the commercials. I just went for the free route and was fine with the commercial breaks.


Switch Girl is a Japanese drama starring Mariya Nishiuchi as Nika Tamiya. Nika has two sides to her. One side is the cute and popular one (the side she shows at school). Once she gets home, she dresses down and becomes a bit of a mess. When dressed down, Nika reminds me of an older woman in a teenager body in the way she acts and stands to one side. This is something I can totally relate to and I feel like most can relate as well. We all dress up while we are out, but once we get home it’s sweatpants time! Nika’s mother and sister are exactly like her and offer some great funny moments in the show. 

Nika tries to keep her messier side hidden from the other students in her class since she feels it would make her unpopular. 

One day she accidentally reveals her other side to the new student named Arata Kamiyama (played by Ren Kiriyama). You also find out later on that Arata is also keeping some secrets. This show follows a similar  formula of other Japanese dramas (that I’ve seen so far) in that there’s a little love story involved here. 

The show has two seasons with 8 episodes each. Its a super quick show that’s wacky and funny.

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