5.)Brooklyn Nine-Nine


When I first saw a preview for this show, I thought it was going to be too silly and then I told myself “Hold up, you love Police Academy and Naked Gun”. So I took a chance on the show and freaking LOVED it. Andy Samberg is the man! But really I adore this assemble cast! Everyone really plays off of each other which makes for some great comedy!! I would say if you enjoyed Parks & Rec, you will love Brooklyn Nine Nine.


4.) The Walking Dead


I have an interesting relationship with this show. I tend to only watch it in binge sessions. It’s like I have to wait for four or five episodes to go by before I can pick it up again. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really great show but I just don’t keep up with it every week.

There is one episode in this show that is so memorable to me that it may be my favorite episode in this show. The episode is called “What Happened and What’s Going On ” (Season 5, Episode 9). I call this Tyreese’s episode. I’ve seen this episode twice and cried so hard each time. I thought this episode was beautiful crafted. It is hauntingly beautiful. The editing choices were spot on.

3.) Shameless (US & UK)

I found this show (the US version) when Hulu was doing the free Showtime weekend preview and fell in love with it! When the free weekend was over, I immediately hated Hulu for taking it away from me before I could catchup.  I left off on season two of the US version and I am still trying to find a way to watch it all (I might actually have to pay for the Showtime subscription to Hulu).

The show centers around the Gallagher family. Frank Gallagher is the patriarch of the family with six kids. The mom ran off while the kids were young and Frank isn’t really around much, so it is up to the oldest daughter, Fiona, to take care of all of the kids. The family is pretty chaotic, but they still manages to get by.


I didn’t know this at the time, but there is actually a UK version of Shameless (came out before the US one). The first season pretty much matches the US version and it also has JAMES MCAVOY in it. So I have been watching that one. I’ve gotten to the point where the two series go their separate ways and break off into their own story lines.

Even though the UK version has James McAvoy in it (and he does have some steamy scenes), I prefer the American version. I feel like the American version expands the story line a bit more and you get a better connection with each kid. Plus Emmy Rossum, Joan Cusack, and William H. Macy are phenomenal in their roles. Not to mention Cameron Monaghan (from Gotham) is in it and does a wonderful job as well. 

I highly recommend this show. I’ve fallen in love with this misfit family.


2.) How to Get Away With Murder


I heard buzz about this show when it first came out and  for some weird reason I didn’t check it out until recently. Holy cow!!! I binged the 1st season in two days. It’s SO addicting!! Viola Davis is FIERCE (I can’t wait to see her in Suicide Squad)!!!! I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. 

I love a show with plot twists and turns and this one definitely has them. The editing in this show is also very interesting. The time line goes back and forth while slowly peeling away the truth.

Can I also mention DEAN THOMAS?!?! I mean Alfred Enoch. He’s all grown up!! Which makes me realize that Harry Potter was THAT long ago. 




1.) Orphan Black


I am seriously addicted to this show. I had to force myself not to binge the last season too fast cause the new season doesn’t start until April. I can’t get enough of this show!!!

Tatiana Maslany is such an amazing actress. She takes on so many different roles in the show and crafts each on so uniquely. Helena is my favorite character right now on tv. To take a psychotic character and make her so loveable….I don’t know how she did it but she did.  

I also have to highlight the rest of the cast on their great work on the show. I truly want Felix (played by Jordan Gavaris) to be my best friend. Felix is such a fun and caring character that you just want to hang out with him. Also Ari Millen (who plays a bunch of different characters) does a phenomenal job crafting each character as well.  

I highly recommend this show!! Great story line, wonderful cast, and I absolutely loved every bit of it. I love this show so much, I even modeled my new glasses from one of the characters on the show.



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